About Us

Our Mission and Goals

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Our Mission

Mindful Medicine has been offering mindfulness and community connections to Portland area healthcare providers since 2013.

We are founded and run by providers and operate as a secular, evidence-based, not-for-profit organization.* We are volunteer driven, independent, and donor supported.

Our mission is to build a healthier, more effective medical community by teaching mindfulness and compassionate communication skills.

We provide a safe place for medical providers to acknowledge and share their grief and to reconnect with their values as healthcare practitioners.

*501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Tax ID: 46-3513976

Our Retreats

Our retreats are led by two licensed social workers, Laura Martin and Denise Gour. Together, they introduce evidence-based mindfulness skills relevant to medical professionals and draw from Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and related models.

Mindful Medicine’s two-day retreats, community practice groups, and online practice groups have helped hundreds of medical professionals renegotiate their relationship to the work of healthcare.

Addressing Burnout and Moral Injury

Burnout is caused.  Not by the people who experience it, but by identifiable and predictable working conditions.  We recognize that burnout and moral injury is in large part a result of the corporatization of healthcare.  Some of the protective aspects of the profession have fallen away.  We help provide

    • A supportive atmosphere to learn and practice self-compassion.
    • A place to meet and spend time with colleagues in constructive conversation
    • Time to reflect and discern what is sustainable work
    • Reconnect to your own values and aspirations