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We are a nonprofit organization based in Portland, Oregon, offering regular mindfulness classes and retreats for health care professionals.

Health care providers are driven by the purpose to care for others, yet often don’t care for themselves in the same way. Perhaps we think it is selfish to relax or to honor our need for space or quiet. The reality is that self-care isn’t selfish. If practitioners are continually working to the limit, without taking time to meet their own needs, they run the high risk of suffering from burnout.

At Mindful Medicine, we understand the demands of health care practitioners and the reality of job burnout. The task of caring for and treating patients can be a truly rewarding responsibility. At the same time it can also become a rigorous and exhausting one, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Yet in the midst a burnout, health care professionals must maintain their focus and deliver skilled care. In addition, they are expected to be mentally present and have compassion for patients. However, maintaining such vigilance over time can be quite overwhelming, leading to burnout and constant high stress.


But it doesn’t have to be this way.


At Mindful Medicine, we have a unique team that works with health care practitioners such as yourself, teaching mindfulness practices, stress reduction techniques, guided meditations, and offering a plethora of resources. Our board (and our partners) consist of medical doctors, registered nurses, licensed social workers, and trained mindfulness teachers. We have been in your shoes and we’re trained in addressing burnout, stress, and mental fatigue.

“Our programs have been so beneficial to providers experiencing stress and burnout. We have been working with and supporting providers through difficulty for years and can help providers learn and use new tools to prioritize and take care of themselves.” Laura Martin, LCSW, course facilitator

If your resilience as a health care practitioner is wavering, or you’re running low on reserves, join our regular classes and take advantage of our resources! With Mindful Medicine, you’ll experience increased calm, decreased stress, flexibility of thought, and a greater capacity for caring. When practicing mindfulness regularly, you’ll notice increased productivity, energy, and creativity that is then carried forward into patient care.



Benefits of Mindfulness For Practitioners:


  • Improve communication with patients and colleagues
  • Cultivate resiliency
  • Meet and share experiences with fellow medical colleagues
  • Improve self-care, as well as patient care
  • Reduce stress, improving attention and emotional intelligence
  • Increase compassion for self and others
  • Improve cooperative problem solving with patients and coworkers
  • Help providers rediscover the joys of practicing medicine in a positive community

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